The 3 BIG steps to becoming a confident speaker even if you’ve never spoken in public  

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Here Are the Details for Our Session

  • Where is it? Grab a cup of coffee, a glass of your favorite wine, or whatever helps you feel cozy and join in from your laptop, desktop, or computer
  • When is it? Wednesday (Oct 31) - 8:00 p.m. Eastern, 7:00 p.m. Central, 6:00 p.m. Mountain, 5:00 p.m. Pacific  
  • Who is this for? If you want to become a more confident speaker, this is for YOU! If you want more confidence in your daily interactions at work, home, church, etc., this is for YOU! If you like to motivate and inspire others, this is for YOU! 
  • What's it all about? I will share my first 3 BIG steps to becoming a more confident speaker. ⬇️ Keep scrolling down ⬇️ to check out what we'll cover together! 

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Become a confident speaker in less than 30 days

Hi! I'm Elyssa.

With years of media (reporting/producing) and college teaching experience under my belt, I have found much joy in helping people find their own path through my coaching practice, Say Life! Personal Coaching. 

Let's connect on social media! @thesaylifecoach. I can't wait to meet you during our session! I've even put an inspirational INsight INsixty™ video at the bottom of this page just for you. ⬇️ Scroll down ⬇️ to hear from real ladies who I've had the pleasure of coaching!

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

🔥 How to break through blockages so you can finally become the confident motivational speaker you know you can be.

🔥 Ways to choose a topic that will captivate and inspire your audience while they hang on every word.

🔥 How to get to know your audience so well that you can speak directly to their needs.

🔥 Bonus: How to promote yourself to start booking gigs.

🔥 I will answer your questions LIVE. This is not a pre-recorded session. Bring your questions and ideas, and we will have a great time! 

WARNING: Space is limited! DISCLAIMER: Success is a product of your hard work and dedication. While everyone’s results may not look the same, I am excited to see just how far you will go!  


"...I was clueless as to what my purpose was and all I had were goals and passions that I never went after--year after year. Not only was I able to gain the clarity my soul was searching for, but Elyssa came up with a game plan so in 2018, I'd be taking action on things that I neglected in the past. Following that plan has unfolded and unlocked my passion in a way I felt was only orchestrated by God! My life has also changed. I am no longer doing the line of work that paid bills but was dead. I'm following my dreams and goals and living in expectation of my best life!..."


"Elyssa is SO sweet and professional! She is kind and trustworthy. She's been so helpful to me in my journey!"


"Elyssa has been my Life Coach for over a year now. She is AMAZING! And, [she] has helped me to make great strides in my decision making challenges. If you need answers, motivation, or just want to know yourself better, Elyssa is definitely the Coach you want!"

-Vee M.